GEMEDGE STUDIO comprises a dynamic team of multifaceted jewellery experts, insiders, and disruptors. Our mission is clear: to delve beneath the surface, offering guidance and direction to companies as they evolve, challenge the status quo, and uplift the entire jewellery industry.


With a personal approach, deep passion, and love for the gem industry, we deliver exceptional services. From our trend research publication, GEMEDGE, to customized forecasting, innovation management, business consultancy and transformation, positioning and brand strategy, marketing and communication, consumer segmentation, creative design, consumer insights, and sustainability initiatives.


Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences that captivate consumers and drive business growth. We emphasize understanding historical and cultural influences for storytelling, including ethos, values, and effectively translating them into meaningful design strategies aligned with your brand DNA. We blend the skills, passion, and experience of each member for a fast, flexible, and tailored approach. Dedicated to steering you through every phase of your journey, we believe in the power of jewellery to tell stories, connect people, and inspire change.


Together, we'll create magic, one gemstone at a time.




NANCY LEACH   nancy@gemedge-studio.com

Co-Founder - Global Managing Director – Jewellery Branding, MarCom, Creation & Insights

Nancy started her career in fine jewellery retail, then moved into communications and marketing focusing on the development and execution of existing and future brands within the Swarovski portfolio. Nancy has spent over 30 years working closely with jewellery partners in complex retail environments, providing trend forecasting, conceptual narratives, and creative ways to entice the next generation of consumer. Nancy is well-versed in brand communication, brand strategy, consumer insights and the latest fine jewellery trends. Nancy is passionate about exceeding corporate goals and driving business and has a unique ability to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. She has a strong commercial awareness and business insight focused on fine jewellery and consumer goods and has a talent for managing, coaching, and developing a team. Nancy is founding partner of GEMEDGE Studio, lending her fine jewellery expertise to future brands and creatives.


BIRGIT RIEDER   birgit@gemedge-studio.com

Co-Founder – Global Managing Director – Jewellery Branding, Strategy, Trend & Innovation Management

Beginning in 1991, Birgit’s global experience has helped many brands resonate with a vast, international audience during her successful career. She has led new strategic initiatives, brand strategy and brand (re)positionings, global new business development & innovation projects and fine jewellery trend forecasting. From Swarovski, where she was responsible for strategic marketing, development of an international bridge jewellery brand, market research, and development of the annual fine jewellery Trend forecasting publication and service, Gem Visions, to Zino Davidoff Group and the MCH Group. Birgit has a unique ability for generating innovative business ideas, identifying and developing profitable business models in existing and new ecosystems, and guiding businesses from trend research to ideas into vigorous value propositions. Birgit is founding partner of GEMEDGE Studio, lending her strategic and luxury businesses development expertise to future brands and creatives.



Co-Founder – Global Managing Director - Jewellery Historian & Journalist

A jewellery historian, award-winning journalist, and author of some 20 books on the history of jewellery design and contemporary jewellery. A Contributing Editor to the Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine, has a regular column in Sotheby’s magazine, and contributes to newspapers and magazines around the world. She has organized major exhibitions, works with auction houses, lectures, and broadcasts extensively on her subject, and particularly on jewellery trends, in the UK, the United States and Asia. She has worked for many years as a jewellery consultant to Swarovski and has also taken on major consultancies in strategic design and communication for leading international jewellery houses. Vivienne is recognised today as a world-leading authority on jewellery, both antique and contemporary and a founding partner of GEMEDGE Studio.



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The Collective Attitudes: Digital and Creative Strategy

Sarah started her career in digital communication at SWAROVSKI and worked herself more and more in a creative environment. With her background in Media Design, Photography and Marketing Communications and Advertising she had the perfect base to combine these worlds and loves doing exactly that. Working in fine jewellery, beauty and lifestyle she collected many experiences with all kinds of customers. Leading many creative productions as well as workshops to ensure customer satisfaction and bring new perspectives. Seeing problems before they turn up, finding solutions if needed and thinking in new directions are some of her major skills. With her digital know-how and the huge interest in up-and-coming technologies, developments and changes in the industry she always brings in another point of view. Sarah is passionate about trying something new, breaking up the norms and finding modern ways to work and provide experiences.


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